American Clergy and Leaders Alliance

Bringing absolute True Love Ethics into our families, communities, and nation

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An alliance of diverse clergy and community leaders who are committed to bringing God-centered True Love Ethics into our families, communities and nation, in order to bring peace to our world.

our ViSion

To exalt God our Creator by establishing God-centered families working in unity to fulfill God’s Will and Purpose.

our mission

In collaboration with biblical faith leaders and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we provide a spiritual foundation through True Love to change hearts. In these turbulent times, we will work with a sense of urgency to bring hope to our families and nation and peace to our world.
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Defend and promote the institution of the family through Blessed Marriage based on biblical truths and the Kingdom Gospel.


Promote and educate family values at all levels through Absolute True Love Ethics education, which includes learning and practicing the 4 types of love: Children’s Love, Fraternal Love, Conjugal Love, and Parents’ Love. This includes abstinence before marriage, fidelity in marriage, and the importance of the sanctity of life.


Unite the body of Christ in America regardless of race and denomination, and be “Peacemakers” among all faiths through love, mutual understanding, and respect.


Connect and build relationships with leaders for the purpose of building the Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven.


Be active members of the community by sharing the True Love of God in a proper and practical way.

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